8 string Ross Coole Fry Pan

about 2 years ago
Todd Clinesmith
Available on
Steel Guitar Forum
Lone Rock Free State Oregon

I took this guitar in trade. It is a very well made and beautiful copy of a Fry Pan. The casting is very nice, and well done. Short scale hollow neck. The guitar had some pickup issues when I got it due to rough handling by a shipping service. I rebuilt and wound a new core for it as well as recharged the magnets. It sounds great. I also found a more retro knob for it.
The guitar was built for a left handed player . I have it strung up right handed at the moment but will set it up for a left or right hand player. I wired it up with a tone knob. For a right handed player the tone knob is on the wrong side, but it does not mess with my right hand playing.
The case for the guitar is excellent, a sturdy flight case and in shop made ( I believe) by Ross Coole.
I have the original pickup core and wiring as well.
$1800 plus shipping
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