AB Switcher

over 1 year ago
AB Switcher
Jerry Overstreet
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Steel Guitar Forum
Louisville Ky

I built one for my friend Larry, and while I was into it, I revamped this one too.
It's just a simple passive switching device for 2 instruments into a single amp, device etc. Say, if you play steel and guitar into the same amp, clip this on the leg of your steel and you have A/B switching at your fingertips.
"Twinkie" sized unit, 3 position center off mini switch with a leg clip. It will also have some print under tape labels. I think it looks better without them, but they are there for reference. You may choose to remove them and/or design your own.
I had built a little different device for someone else in this case who never took delivery, so I decided to convert it to an A/B switcher. I had to relocate some components and plug previously punched holes to do that as you can see.
It's a brand new unit but with some changes to the case.
Everything I build is hand made and more likely than not to exhibit some flaws, blems etc. I make no excuses for that, it's just my focus is chiefly on function rather than form. I also have to pay retail price for components just like you do.
I have no expensive or specialty tools like the hi tech factories in china and indonesia, so my stuff probably appears hand made.
Anyway, PM me for price and purchase details on this if interested.