Alto Q 5 Band Parametric Equalizer

over 2 years ago
Alto Q 5 Band Parametric Equalizer
George Redmon
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Another piece of gear from my home studio. My Alto Q is a single-channel, 1U parametric equalizer with both balanced jack and XLR input/output connections. It features a nicely contoured aluminium front panel and 'wart-free' mains operation via a traditional IEC inlet. There are five independently bypassable bands of equalization, with tuning ranges of 20Hz to 400Hz, 60Hz to 1kHz, 150Hz to 2.5kHz, 500Hz to 8kHz, and 1kHz to 20kHz, providing plenty of overlap between bands. In all cases the bandwidth is variable from a tight 0.03 octaves to 1.6 octaves, and all bands have a 15dB cut/boost range. The nominal operating level covers the range +4dBu to -10dBu, with the output able to deliver up to +18dBu, and a very nice touch is that the manual illustrates all the different cable wiring details for balanced, unbalanced and insert operation. Near Mint Condition.
In addition to the five main filter bands, there are also variable 12dB/octave high-cut and low-cut filters (2.5kHz to 30kHz and 10Hz to 400Hz respectively) plus an input gain control. The master bypass works via a relay (the oddly named Audio In/Out button) and a 12-segment meter can be switched to read either the input or output level. Every switch incorporates a status LED, including the master power switch. In near mint condition. Just a great unit for your studio or guitar rig.
$135 SHIPPED Lower 48