Antique Sho Bud D10

11 months ago
Hal Merrill
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Steel Guitar Forum
Washington, USA

Hi I hope this is the right place to place this.
This old specimen once belonged to the legendary Jimmy Day, and was called Blu Sal.
This is according to the gentleman at the store in Denver who sold it to me.
This was in 1984.
I originally got it for a practice guitar but didn't use it much.
I want to be perfectly clear in stating that this instrument is NOT in working order, and needs a lot of work, if the buyer intends to play it.
It has 9 floor pedals and NO knee levers. There are a number of parts missing.
If you restore pedal steel guitars, this might be a good project.
I am asking $425, plus shipping. I would like the buyer to be happy with it as a project, not necessarily because it seems like a good deal.
It could cost up to a grand to make it a workable instrument, depending on your access to old parts or machine tools.
Hal Merrill, Tacoma, WA

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