Atomic AmpliFire 3 and Rocktron All Access Midi Controller

almost 2 years ago
Orlando Colom
Available on
Steel Guitar Forum
Florida, USA

Selling these 2 great Pieces, as i'm no longer using this set up. Both are in very good condition with no issues, as described below. The Atomic Amplifire is a Killer all in one Modeling Rig. Killer amps, and effects, in an incredible easy to use, and carry package.
1. Atomic AmpliFire 3 has the Singtall and M Britt Patches. This little box for the money is more than most us will need to pull of any show. Plug it into a powered monitor and to the board and you are ready to go. The unit has the box, but no manual. Its easy to get online for free though. its in very good condition, save for a couple a small marks here and there.. The bottom has Velcro for attaching to your board.
$350.00 Shipped.
2.Rocktron All Access Midi Controller. This has been on my main board for a few years, and for good reason. For the money, its the best controller out there. The switching is flawless, and the features are too many to list. I love the fact that it has a big bold display, that on a dark stage you cant miss. You will always know what patch is on. The condition of the board is very good, though it has a few small marks here and there, but overall its nice, and built like a tank. the best part of this unit is that you have 15 patches/or controls available at one time on one bank, and minimizes a lot of bank up/down switching. no box or manual, but easily gotten online for free.
$250.00 shipped.

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