** C6 Giant instruction bundle VHS **

10 months ago
Mark van Allen
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Steel Guitar Forum
Watkinsville, Ga. USA

If you're looking for C6 instruction that will take you from beginner to advanced, this is the holy grail- the Jeffran "Big Box" with Jeff's entire C6 course material.
C6 Workshop, C6 & Swinging parts one and two.
Three VHS video cassettes, back up tracks on CD, three big course books, 6 huge wall charts showing soloing scales and patterns, large Jeffran catalog, list of steel manufacturers and suppliers, "Right Stuff" flyers. Whole package appears brand new and unused- perfect condition.
I used this same material when learning C6, and again to accommodate the ideas to Universal 12 string playing, it's PERFECT instruction for both. Just the single note lines alone from the C6 & Swinging course will give you bandstand licks for years.
*** Please note- this course is on VHS tapes- you must have a VHS video player! *** If you do- you'll be set for C6 for years!
$175 Shipped includes contribution to Jeffran.
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