Clinesmith Lap Steel

about 2 years ago
Clinesmith Lap Steel
Todd Clinesmith
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Lone Rock Free State Oregon

I have two used Clinesmith lap steel for sale.
First is a prototype Plank style early 50's Paul Bigsby style instrument . I used to use this as my practice C#min guitar, but since building myself a triple non pedal last year I no longer play the instrument. I just refinished the wood on the guitar to a deeper amber color, and rebuffed out the bridge and control plate. The metal neck has a little sign of use. These retail for $1250 and am offering this for $1000 plus shipping. A new Blue Heron case is included.
Also a short scale Aluminum lap steel. I built this for a demo guitar and brought it to a few festivals and primarily the Non Pedal Gathering in S.F a few months back. I strung it up in Bobby Blacks tuning and brought it for him to play. I am proud to say Bobby ordered a single 10 from me after playing this guitar (which I am working on now). The guitar is very clean and shows a little pick wear on the top. These instruments have amazing tone and sustain for days.
$1400 plus shipping_________________face book page: