Clinesmith Myrtlewood 8 string Resonator Guitar $3400 obo

over 1 year ago
Todd Clinesmith
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Steel Guitar Forum
Lone Rock Free State Oregon

I built this instrument for my self, and designed this resonator to have more steel guitar qualities than your modern bluegrass type of instrument.
The body is somewhat shallower to and baffled to deter a "bass heavy instrument", also to enhance the high end with more sparkle and mids. It is a very clear sounding guitar that is easy to play with out having to play hard to get good tone. The strings tend to last a bit longer with this design as well.
I have built a few 8 strings like this, and always get a lot of compliments for it's tone from steel players. Pete Grant owns an 8 string designed the same way.
It is currently tuned A6, but I can set this up to the players spec gauges and tuning.
The guitar is made of super tight Myrtewood. The wood has tighter grain than most Sitka Spruce tops. The board this guitar was built from was 24 inches wide and completely quartersawn. The tree this came out of must have been 6 feet around at least. Beautiful contrast in colors, grain and figure. It has walnut binding with thin black purfling separating the binding from the body.
The neck is two piece and, is made from curly eastern rock Maple, with a Walnut stripe.
The inlay is modeled after a Bigsby Steel guitar inlay design to be my "acoustic steel guitar"
I have a few personal and vintage instruments I am putting up for sale to make another purchase.
Please email for additional photos or questions.
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