Couple More Things...

over 6 years ago
Couple More Things...
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Got a few more things:This is a tan Garage Shirt, with a nice, big "Solidbody" logo on the back. This shirt has never been worn and, in fact, still has the tag hanging on it. Size is XL. $25.00 with shipping and PayPal included:Not sure what style of shirt this is, other than to say it's a heavy black button down shirt. I don't know if these were ever offered through Taylorware, although my gut tells me they were not. Cool script logo over the left breast pocket:I've got two of these. One has all the buttons intact; that one's $25.00 with shipping and PayPal included. The second is missing on button, but it's got a button sewn to the inside, bottom portion of the shirt front to use. That shirt will be $20.00 with shipping and PayPal included. Both shirts are size XL, and both, while having been worn, are in very good condition.Lemme' know if you've got any questions...