dbx DDP Processor

over 2 years ago
dbx  DDP Processor
George Redmon
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Here is another piece of gear I had in my home project studio. I was looking at the ones on eBay they want twice as much for. Just worn out junk. I am the original owner of this like new processor. It's as brand new. For those not familiar with this processor.
The DDP gives you a true stereo processor, coupled with dbx True RMS Power Summing technology, or two independent mono units,
giving you the versatility and power of processors costing many times more. Gating, compression (yes, with
OverEasy, all-new VariKnee, or good ol hard knee thresholds), limiting, de-essing and EQ (both in-path and
sidechain) are available in the DDP in any order you want. The possibilities are endless. The LCD display shows
you all the information you need to know, complete with a digital meter that will blow your socks off, featuring
peak and average levels at the same time. A nice addition to any home recording setup, at a great price.