ERNIE Ball stereo volume pedal

9 months ago
Ron Hogan
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Ernie Ball 6165 Stereo Volume/Pan Pedal - 6165 for sale.
In very good condition.
These sell for $200.00 and over new.
$115.00 plus shipping.
Ron Hogan
The Ernie Ball 6165 pedal is perfect for the occasions you need to have full control over the panning signal of your guitar or any other passive instrument. It can be used either in stereo or mono mode.
The dual potentiometer has a 500k ohm resistance suitable for the audio path of passive instruments. Attached to the footplate is a switch that provides the user two operating modes (volume or pan). Use the A input / A output for the left channel and the B input / B output for the right channel for stereo signals. For use with stereo cable installations using TRS type stereo plugs, use the B input and B output.
For use as a mono volume pedal, use the A input and A output. For use as a typical pan pedal, switch the toe tap switch to the pan position and use only the A input. The pedal will pan the signal between the A and B outputs.