Furlong CB12 SPLIT For Sale at Texas Jamboree This Weekend

9 months ago
Jim Cooley
Available on
Steel Guitar Forum
The 'Ville, Texas, USA

For sale at the Texas Steel Guitar Association Jamboree this weekend is my Furlong CB-12 SPLIT powered speaker. It is in excellent condition. These are 300 Watts into an 8 Ohm T. C. Furlong custom designed 12 neo speaker, mounted in a closed back, ported cabinet. This one is covered in Bruno Brown Tolex with a wheat grille. It weighs 29 pounds on my bathroom scale.
Take it home with you for $600 cash. PM or email me for my phone number if you want to meet at the TSGA Jamboree.
In the photo of the back of the amp, below, it looks like the Tolex is blemished. It is not. It's the lighting.
The photo of the top looks like the Tolex in front of the handle is damaged. No damage, just a speck or lighting issue.
If this is your first trip to the Texas show, welcome to Texas. Look me up. I'll buy the coffee. If you've been here before, welcome back!
No blemishes, just lighting
Tolex in front of handle is not damaged. Must have been a speck or fleck. Aw heck.