*** Great Headphone Solution for recordists! ***

over 2 years ago
*** Great Headphone Solution for recordists! ***
Mark van Allen
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Steel Guitar Forum
Watkinsville, Ga. USA

I have a few of these Pro Co HJ-4P Headphone boxes for sale. These are an elegant, simple solution to monitoring for the studio or practice setup- Extremely robust, well-constructed unit powers four headphones from ANY power amp, from 10 to 100 watts. The input is on an XLR connector, you can simply wire the other end to the output of your power amp. Four headphone jacks, left and right volume controls, switches for stereo and mono and left/right give you lots of options for setting up a
monitor mix. There is an XLR "through" jack on the back so you can daisy chain as many of these as you have performers or jammers. These work perfectly, every time, and will drive just about any impedance so will work with just about any headphone made. I've been very happy with these in my smoke-free studio, have gone to a larger mix station system. Several available. $80 shipped.
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