Immaculate Milkman 50 Watt Sideman w/ Custom Cabs

9 months ago
Chris Bauer
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Steel Guitar Forum
Nashville, TN USA

I thought this was sold but it's back on the market.
Besides what you already probably know about these great amps, this one:
1. Has custom Mather cabs that are spotless as you can see from the pics.
2. Was gone through by Tim Marcus to assure that it's as-new and has been unplayed since. Kept in a smoke-free home.
3. Comes with a Telonics 15 inch neo speaker
4. Will likely cost a good bit to ship between the weight of the head and the size of the cab. So I'd love a local sale but will be happy to ship it domestically. You'll just need to be prepared for some possible sticker shock when the shipping price comes in.
5. Sounds every bit as good as it looks.
6. $2350/obo + actual shipping.
Here 'tis...