Lap Steel - 8 String by Erich Baum Musical Instruments $450

10 months ago
Mark Addeo
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New Jersey, USA

This awesome Lap Steel is a 22.5" scale currently strung for C6 (ACEG-ACEG low to high). String spacing is very comfortable:
2" nut from low A to high G.
2-11/16" bridge from low A to high G
The pickup looks like a single coil but is actually two coils side by side, thereby cancelling all hum. The pickup is as quiet as a mouse. It also has a cool wooden cover. Amazing clarity and awesome tone. Bright and full. It features a tone and volume.
Also has nice sealed Kluson tuners too. See photo.
This lap steel has a great acoustic sound too. Almost has a resonator tone to it when unplugged and it is plenty loud for sitting in front of the TV, camping or in bed etc without plugging in.
Sorry, no case or gig bag but you can find one easy to fit this very portable size!
This model was sold by Thomann music company under the Harley Benton label BUT this model is not to be confused with the Asian made 6 strings currently sold. The quality of this instrument is really great and far superior!
These 8 string lap steels were made in Germany by EBM (Erich Braum Musikinstrumente) as indicated on the fretboards (EBM).
Here are some links for more info.
You will love this beautifully made lap steel guitar.
Thanks for looking! $450 includes shipping to the lower 48.