Magnatone Troubadour 8 string $300

3 months ago
Magnatone Troubadour 8 string $300
Frank James Pracher
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Steel Guitar Forum
Michigan, USA

$300 plus shipping
The Good: Nice looking/sounding vintage 8 string lap steel.
Affordable. Comes with the case shown.
The Bad: The usual bumps and bruises an old guitar has. Some bent tuner post. There appears to be a gouge or chip by the tuners that was repaired. (see pictures) Tuners are kind of stiff. (They might just need lubrication, not sure)
There is a greenish stain on the sides by the nut (perhaps from an old stand?)
I put some new strings on it (C6th with high E) messed around a bit. I loved the sound, but 8 string just isn't my bag. Check out the pictures, message me if you have any questions. Thanks
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