Milkman 40W Pedal Steel Mini 1x12

over 2 years ago
Milkman 40W Pedal Steel Mini 1x12
Chris Grigsby
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Denver, CO

Regrettably selling off some high-end gear to pay off some debt.
I listed this once before and quickly decided I couldn't part with it, but I need to let it go and buy one down the line when I'm not paying $1800/month in infant daycare!!!
This Milkman 40W Pedal Steel Mini has a 1x12 Telonics speaker and was recently gone through by Tim Marcus at Milkman who also installed brand new tubes.
It is in mint condition and also comes with a padded Milkman amp cover.
I've been playing guitar for 25 years and have owned probably 30 amps...this is without question the finest guitar amplifier I've ever played, heard, or recorded.
This amp sells new for $2999 plus shipping, so I'm asking $2500 including shipping.
Add 2.9% for Paypal.
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