Milkman half & half steel guitar head

9 months ago
Morton Kellas
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Chazy, NY, Zephyrhills, Fl USA 1

Only a few months old and is as new in every way.
Great amp at a very reasonable price.
I just haven't been playing pedal steel out for a few years and would like to upgrade my sound system. Most of you know that Milkman amps are hand wired top shelf quality amps. $950 shipped in US, which is about a $500 savings.
Includes a custom made D2F cover and power cord. The price is my bottom line and I do not want any trades.
Thanks for looking.
San Francisco, CA
Post Posted 28 Jan 2017 12:10 pm
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I announced some updates to my Half and Half models at NAMM. These will all be available Spring 2017
All three models are in a new compact "mini" form factor, and have balanced XLR output as well as 2 speaker outputs. The XLR output can be used with or without a speaker attached - so the heads will function as a tube preamp/EQ/effect box or as a powerful amplifier.
Here are the 3 models:
700W - this was designed as a bass amplifier, but can also be used for extreme steel guitar volume. 12AX7 preamp with 3 band EQ. You can run a pair of 8ohm or a pair of 4ohm cabinets from this amplifier. Retail price is going to be $1299. 13lbs
300W (guitar) this model has 2 band EQ, reverb and tremolo. Will run a 4 or 8 ohm load $1399 10lbs
300W (steel) This will have the same 3 band EQ and 2 knob reverb system that the current Half and Half has. It will run a 4 or 8ohm load at $1399 10lbs