Milkman Sideman 50 watt 15" telonix speaker $2200

12 months ago
Josh Yenne
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Steel Guitar Forum
Sonoma California

Going to part with my Milkman sideman.
It's a GREAT GREAT amp (as many of you know Tim may build the best pedal steel amps in the world) but I'm just not using this big guy very often.
I have another MM that is the 20 watts and I always use that.
This amp should go to a good home.
Its in GREAT condition as you can see.
The tolex is in wonderful condition.
Sounds amazing with the Telonix neo speaker and comes in at only 50lbs flat.
TONS of headroom and classic MM tone.
The other nice thing about this sale is that I live near Tim so if you buy this amp I will take it down to him to ship (buyer will pay actual shipping costs) Tim will go over this amp to make sure it's in tip top shape in every way.
(I will cover this service up to $100) and then Tim will ship it so you know the amp will arrive in condition of a new MM amp.
A GREAT deal for someone that is looking for a MM and wants to save about 1k.
Only caveat is that I'm about 1.25 hours from Tims house so it may take me a day or two to find a time to get to the city to get it to him.
Let me know if you have any questions!