NOS -RCA, Sylvania,GE 6v6 tubes and 5y3 Rectifier Tubes

almost 2 years ago
Orlando Colom
Available on
Steel Guitar Forum
Florida, USA

I'm cleaning house with my tube stash, as you can see with all the tubes I'm selling.
All tubes are well tested on my Hickok 6000a tester and various vintage amps. All as described below.
1. RCA black base clear glass 6v6gta tubes. These are black plates rebranded webcor. They are
vintage NOS and testt/ look new. They are in white boxes.
$60.00 shipped for the pair
2. RCA Brown Base 6v6 gty from 1962. Incredible tubes and they are in original military JAN boxes. These are NOS and test better than NOS spec.
$95.00 pair shipped.
3.RCA brown base, smoked glass 6v6gty these are NOS one is labeled Raytheon, the other RCA. They are both RCA and the same brown base tubes. They test NOS and sound glorious.
pair shipped
black base smoked glass
6v6gta. These are NOS and test better than new.
They come in white boxes. These are just plain great
$80.00 pair shipped
5. Various single NOS 6v6gty tubes. Are all
NOS and test new. They come in white boxes.
$30.00 each shipped per tube.
6 Various NOS 5y3 GT rectifiers. All are new and
blow away the reissues
These will outlast any new tube by a lifetime.
$25.00 each shipped
All these tubes for sale are priced way less than dealers would sell them for, so don't miss out on these NOS beauties. Once gone they are gone.

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