Old Working Nashville 400 in Parts

about 3 years ago
Old Working Nashville 400 in Parts
Jon Jaffe
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Steel Guitar Forum
Austin, Texas

Old Nashville 400 that my son found somewhere in east Austin. It sat in my closet for a year (we were going to spruce it up), and then I hooked a speaker up to it. It works. Yes the pots are a tad crusty, but clean with a few twists. There is a knob missing. Amazingly, the reverb works well. The grill cover is without rips or holes. The cabinet and chrome parts look like it was kept in a shed in winter and run through the car wash in summer. I am loathe to ship it, or pack it. So:
Amp and mounting screws $85 shipped
Reverb $25 shipped
Grill $35 shipped
PayPal only
CONUS only
Any other parts or pictures wanted let me know.