RCA, GE, Sylvania, Tung-Sol 12ax7,5751 Tubes(NOS and ANOS)

almost 2 years ago
RCA, GE, Sylvania, Tung-Sol 12ax7,5751 Tubes(NOS and ANOS)
Orlando Colom
Available on
Steel Guitar Forum
Florida, USA

More tubes to tempt you. All are well tested in various well regarded testers I own, and a few amps for noise. Grab these while you can, they are priced right.
1. 10ea. 12ax7's All tested ANOS, and are great tubes. These are a mix of GE, Sylvania, and 1 RCA. Most are long plates, a couple are short plates.
Your pick any single tube for $30.00 shipped. They all tested close. so there is no tube better than the other.
2. 5ea. NOS Tung Sol 12ax7's. The real deal. A great 50's tube. D getters.
$50.00 each shipped
3.4ea. RCA Triple Mica 5751 Tubes. Killer tubes that are like new, and tested NOS, but ill call them ANOS, as they have a little play time on them.
$50.00each shipped
4. 4 ea.GE Triple Mica 5751's Like above, light use test NOS, but ill call them ANOS.
45.00 Each Shipped.

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