Vintage Analog Delay, Alesis Midiverb and Nanoverb, SALE !

about 1 year ago
Wayne Joseph
Available on
Steel Guitar Forum
Oregon, USA

NEW LOWERED PRICES! First up is a vintage Melos DE-1 analog delay. Probally late 70's, very much the same as the DOD and MXR units of this era. Has the Panasonic 3005 chip that everyone raves about. The best sounding slapback I have ever used, price is $100. Next is a Alesis Midiverb 2. Excellent studio quality effects, great reverbs and delays ! I think this is when they were still made in the USA, price is $70. Last but not least is an Alesis Nanoverb effects processor. Delay,reverb,chorus,ect. Very clean sounding unit that is super compact. Comes with the power supply. Fits in a guitar case, price is $40. E-mail me with any questions. Thank you.