Webb 614-E with orange frame JBL D130F original cone

about 1 year ago
Brett Resnick
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Steel Guitar Forum
Tennessee, USA

I am selling my Webb 614-E. It is in Excellent condition and sounds phenomenal, I replaced the speaker with a original cone orange frame D-130. I sold the original E-130 that was in it. The amp has mostly lived a easy life at my house apart from a few road shows, some in town shows and studio sessions. My asking price is $1250 I would prefer local pickup in Nashville, though I will be on the road next week in Indianapolis, Detroit, Chicago, Madison, and Minneapolis so I could bring it with me if I sell were to happen. Not really looking for a trade but I would be interested in a Telonics Mini 12 or a milkman half and half. Also comes with a D2F cover. FYI I know the images are sideways, I tried to rotate with no such luck.