Wildwood Exotic Wenge Minstrel Openback Banjo

over 1 year ago
Wildwood Exotic Wenge Minstrel Openback Banjo
Adam Tracksler
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Steel Guitar Forum
Maine, USA

I have been playing less and less 5 string banjo, and as the saying goes - the most expensive banjo is the one you don't play. Therefore I am offering up an amazing banjo that sounds sweet and cracking and deserves to have the snot played out f it. It is a truly unique banjo.
I had corresponded with Mark Platin about this banjo and he told me that it was in the initial batches of what would become the Exotic Series, so it is kind of pre-exotic
I can't seem to find the email, but that is what I can remember.
I purchased this from Craig Evans.
It has a great snappy tone. Craig Evans described it to me as "leather crackingly loud -- watch out fiddlers!" It definately is.
Wenge Block Rim with maple binding
No Tone ring. Rim is turned like a flathead
Wenge Neck with ebony and maple laminations in it.
Ebony FB with maple binding.
Gotoh Tuners with Ebony Buttons
Currently has an Elite head on it. (I have had a frosted and a fiber skin head on it, and this sounds the best to me)
Banjomate Curly Maple Armrest. Will also include a metal armrest, if that's your thing.
Upgraded the tailpiece to a five finger eagle claw/oettenger tailpiece.
I'm including my magnetic pop on and off resonator. So you can have your own john hartford like banjo.
Youtube video showing banjo and the resonator: youtube.com/watch?v=hkaS5WCmxMQ
Comes with a TKL Hard Case.
More Pictures can be seen at: