Zumsteel Encore 4x5 with custom Gruene Road Case

over 1 year ago
Zumsteel Encore 4x5 with custom Gruene Road Case
Matthew Hargis
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Steel Guitar Forum
Oklahoma, USA

48 Hour Listing! For sale is a 2013 Zumsteel Encore. There asking I'm the original owner, and had it custom built with 4 pedals and 5 knee levers. There is split tuning on strings 5, 6, and 10. 2nd string has half stop. Copedent has the franklin raise and the split franklin drop. E's are also split (raise w/ LK, lower w/ RK). It's been well taken care of. It travels in a Gruene Road Case custom built for it with leg/rod compartment and wheels.
You can hear this guitar on the following albums:
Porter Union - Self Titled
Cody Jinks - I'm Not the Devil
Jeff Hobbs - Upward
Paul Ramirez - Greetings from South Texas
Jonathan Ashley White - Omnia Labor Vincent
Pedal 0: lower 5 + 10 whole step; split with A lower 5 + 10 half step
Pedal A: raise 5 + 10 whole step
Pedal B: raise 3 + 6 half step
Pedal C: raise 4 + 5 + 8 whole step
LKL: raise 4 + 8 half step
LKR: raise 1 + 7 whole step; raise 2 half step
LKV:: lower 6 whole step; split w/ B lower 6 half step
RKL: lower 4 + 8 half step
RKR: lower 2 + 9 half step; lower 2 whole step
The waiting list on Encores has been closed the demand is so high. Here's a chance to get one tomorrow that's been babied and custom road case. Will ship but prefer pick up. I already have an offer for $1750 so any offers below asking should be above that. I'll quit looking at offers 11:59PM August 6th.

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