15 inch 8 Speaker

11 months ago
Jerry Overstreet
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Steel Guitar Forum

I think it's an Eminence, but I can't find any markings on it so I can't be sure. Someone had robbed the BW out of a Peavey 400 steel amp and stuck this in there. It sounded good and handled the power OK, but I replaced it with the proper Peavey BW driver.
8, 15". Pretty light weight. Stamped frame, ribbed cone, paper cap. Deep basket, app 6 1/2". I don't know any of the specs or the suggested application.
A piece of screen has been placed over the vent hole post photo.
I need $75 shipped to most conus locations.
I can take a money order or a personal check from an established forum member in good standing.
PM me with interest.