Custom Steel Guitar Fretboards

10 months ago
Andy De Paule
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I had been designing a fretboard for a PSG being made for me by Mullen.
Other friends have shown interest so I am planning to make some to sell.
They can be sized to any scale from 22.5 inches to 24.5 or whatever you need to replace the one you have. I'd also need to know the width at the nut and at the end of the fret board?
They are metal with adhesive backing can be done in four color styles;
Black with Polished Gold Frets and Position markers. Mirror like shine.
Black with Brushed Gold Frets and Position markers. Less reflective.
Black with Polished Silver Frets and Position markers. Mirror like shine.
Black with Brushed Silver Frets and Position markers. Less reflective.
Not real Gold or Silver, but look like it.
Could also reverse the style, but don't think you'd want a reflective background as it would make it hard to see the strings.
These below are Polished Gold and Black on top and Brushed Silver and Black at the bottom.
Right now I'm working on a few designs, but made an agreement with Mullen not to sell them with their name.
These are adaptations from older Banjo designs but I'm also working on other styles too.
I can do them with your name in Brush Script or a Bold Print* or no name at all.
*Very fine lines are not possible in this as it's too hard to mask them off.
I laid this one out on my steel to see how I liked playing with it and I did. It is for a Mullen 24.25 inch scale and this guitar is a 24 inch scale but that was no problem since it's so close and we play by ear really anyway. So I sent this Polished Gold and Black one to Mullen to install on my Mullen G2 SD-10 with 4&5.
I also sent them the others as they may be interested in having them as an option or just to keep around the factory.
Mine will match the Gold colored roller nuts they use as well as the Gold Tuner knobs I bought for the guitar. The guitar will be polished aluminum and I like the look of gold and silver together.
This is a virtual image of one I'm having made for my friend Bob with his name at the bottom;
If you think you may want one in the future give me an idea about what you'd like so I will know the best way to go about this project and which designs people seem to like best.
I expect they will be in the $40.00 to $50.00 price range.
Thanks for looking.
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