******Speaker Cabinets and Amps******

2 months ago
Tommy Huff
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Steel Guitar Forum
Texas, USA

Hi members, I am going to continue the Specials I ran at the Dallas show on my speaker cabinets.
1. Speaker cabinets with upgraded tolex, handles and grill-cloth
$169.00 ea.
2. Mb-200 cabinets with rack-ears,speakon connector all ready to bolt your MB-200 head into.
$269.00 ea.
3. Peavey Bravo tube amp 25 watts, 12" speaker
4. Peavey Artist 15" 1502-4 Black Widow speaker 120 watts tube power,solid-state preamp. includes the auto-mix footswitch.
Peavey Triumph 120 watts all-tube with an orange frame JBL D-130 15" speaker.
this is a 3 channel amp
clean,crunch and ultra. Good for steel and six string.
6. Peavey LTD...chassis back from Peavey service 12/2017 1501-4 Black Widow speaker. $475.00
7. GK MB-500 Blonde tolex ox-blood grill-cloth,Blonde leather handle. 15" Sica Neo speaker. $850.00
ALL PRICES PLUS SHIPPING. I am willing to drive some distance to avoid shipping the amps. Thanx Tommy

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