Emmons S-10 PP 2500 or trade for a D-10

12 months ago
Brett Resnick
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Steel Guitar Forum
Tennessee, USA

I am selling my Emmons S-10 push pull (Emmons setup)recently serviced by Buck Reid at Steel guitars of Nashville. The Steel plays amazing with about as good of pedal and knee lever action you would want from a push pull. The reason I am selling is that I am more of a D-10 person and just couldnt come around with my posture at a single neck. I am selling for 2500, but I would also be welcome to trades. I am interested in EMCIs with a 8x5 or more knees setup. Carter, Rains and possibly a few other brands. Depending on the Steel I would also be willing to throw cash back your way.
The S-10 knee setup is Es on the left, RKL F#>G 1st string F#>G 7th string RKR 2nd string D#>C# with a super positive stop on D. D>C# 9th string.