1953 Rickenbacker DC-12 doubleneck steel pretty nice

over 1 year ago
1953 Rickenbacker DC-12 doubleneck steel pretty nice
John Kally
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Arizona, USA

Here's a bit of an oddity from 1953 (by pot code dates as no serial number that I can find).
It is clearly a DC-12 with two 6 string necks, 6 string nuts, pickups and tailpieces, BUT it has two sets of 8 string Kluson no-line tuners and there are not additional holes drilled to accomodate the 6 string tuners. So, it apparently left the factory this way, right at the time they were discontinuing the model so I am guessing they were just using up parts. There are some scratches in the gold paint but really this looks pretty nice, not chipped-up. Original "Rickenbacker Electro" chrome covers. Both pickups work and sound strong. One volume and one tone pot, and the volume pot goes to maximum pretty quickly but I just cleaned both pots and no scratchiness. The tone knob definitely makes a difference and this can get very bright. Case is pretty beat-up, has some tape along some edges and could use some glue (also missing part of the inside storage compartment) but is basically functional. Original switchcraft switch and tip.
A cool piece. The back cover is intact. I'm asking $875 OBO plus shipping.
A mix of slotted and phillips head screws so obviously some of those are replaced.
Shipping will be $30 in the CONUS; elsewhere contact for a quote. You can PM or email to jkally3ATgmailDOTcom.