Emmons 6x1 S-10

10 months ago
Todd Blair
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Steel Guitar Forum
Richmond Virginia, USA

Asking $2,000. Here is my early 70s Emmons split tail Fatback S10. It has 6 pedals and 1 knee lever. It hasnt been modified, so it is a great candidate for updating to the common 3x4 setup. Im not brave enough to go in and start hacking away at it, personally.
Lever lowers Es, pedal 1 lowers strings 2 nd 9 (Ds), pedals 2-4 are standard AB&C, pedal 5 lowers 6 to G, and pedal 6 lowers string 5 to Bb.
I was thinking of changing it to C6, given its unique pedal and lever configuration, but I dont think I have the money and time to dedicate to that endeavor. The Emmons plays fine, as is, and includes the pictures case and volume pedal. The volume pedal pot is good, and Ill be cleaning the input/ output jacks. Overall, the guitar will be cleaned up, since its been in its case for a while. I dont plan on a major overhaul, so the guitar is up for sale.
Please let me know if you have any questions, or want additional photos. Shipping to the lower 48 will be discussed as needed.
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