Rickenbacker Model G chrome & gold

over 1 year ago
Rickenbacker Model G chrome & gold
Mark Santi
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Florida, USA

This is a Rickenbacker Model G, "Gold Hawaiian Deluxe" lap steel. This was the top of the line model with gold plated Kluson tuners, headstock cover, tailpiece etc. It was fashioned after the "Silver Hawaiian" which was made from 1937 to 1943. The "Silver Hawaiian" was nickel plated, the "Gold Hawaiian Deluxe" is chrome plated body with some gold plated parts including the cover on the headstock. It has a Lucite cover on the fretboard. They were made from 1948 to 1957. It has "single line" gold plated Kluson tuners, this puts the date at circa 1955 or 56.
It is completely original and everything functions perfectly. The "horseshoe" magnet shows normal wear from resting the palm of the hand on it while playing. I have not buffed it out. There are no dents or bruises, only normal honest play wear. This is one fine instrument, it has that great Rickenbacker tone and power that is expected with this famous style of pickup. I have tried to provide quality photos from many angles, but the reflection from the chrome makes it very difficult to photograph, and throws the camera focus off.
Priced to sell $1500 + $39 ConUS, will ship worldwide