Cleaning out the Pac-A-Seat..

about 1 year ago
Rob Allen
Cameron Kerby
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Steel Guitar Forum
Rutledge, TN

Thought I'd clean out the chair to make room for more toys.
Goodrich L120 low profile volume pedal. Fresh Dunlop Tom Bradshaw Pot (less than three months use)
Goodrich H120 Regular Height Volume Pedal. Allen Bradley Pot
Goodrich Pedal Bar bracket(s) $15 w/pedal, $20 w/o pedal
Thomas Organ Crybaby Wah. New Dunlop 250K pot. $150
Holy Grail Reverb w/ power supply and box. $100
1" Dunlop bar $20
7/8" Dunlop bar $15
Dunlop 925 Stevens Style Bar $15
7/8" Black Powder coated bar $25
Add shipping US to all prices. Obviously prices can be negotiable, and I'll definitely cut shipping costs if you buy more than one item. Let me know if you need any more pics or info about any item. Thanks_________________Sho Bud Steel Guitars
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