For Sale G&L JB-2 and L-2000, Heartfield basses

almost 3 years ago
For Sale G&L JB-2 and L-2000, Heartfield basses
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Shipping is included in the 48 states only. Please PM me if you have questions or want more pictures.
The ONLY trades I'm interested in:
-Rob Allen Deep 4 string with magnetic pickup/fretted neck
-MusicMan Sterling HH 4 from the Neptune Blue PDN or Honey Roasted PDN limited runs (mahogany body)
-F bass BN-4, 8.5 lbs or less, ebony or rosewood fingerboard preferred, with preamp
-Sadowsky NYC 4 string P bass, 8.5 lbs or less
First is a wonderful G&L JB-2 built in recent years (I haven't pulled the neck for the date).
It's a 6 bolt with the serial number plate on the back of the headstock, so I think those started around 4 years ago.
The body is swamp ash with a Clear Blue finish that lets you see the grain.
The neck is 1.5" wide at the nut with a 12" radius rosewood fingerboard.
Condition is very clean with a few tiny scratches and scuffs here and there on the body, frets are super clean with no visible wear but they could use a polishing.
The bridge and tuners have fingerprints and could use polishing as well but no rust or damage I could see.
This bass has had a full copper foil shielding job done, the control cavity, the pickup cavities, and it looks like even the coils under the pickup covers as well.
The pickups are not factory original but they sound great, from the twisted black/white wires I'd guess they are Nordstrand but I'm not sure at all.
The fingerboard is Indian rosewood so I can't ship anywhere outside the USA.
Weight is 8.9 lbs and it comes with the factory black tolex hardcase.
They discontinued the JB a year or so back so you can't order one like this anymore.
The strap buttons are unoriginal, they are the tube shaped Dunlop straplock buttons.
Price is $900 shipped
Second is a nice G&L L-2000 from 1997.
I think the body wood is alder and it has the fancy Red Swirl body finish.
The neck is 1.75" wide at the nut, 7.5" radius, and has a rare ebony fingerboard.
The bass has been used and has some issues with the condition:
-there's corrosion/light rust on the pickup poles and pickups screws
-The chrome plating has peeled off of the knobs, so they are satin aluminum finish now
-Some of the black neck plate coating has worn off at the bottom edge
-The neck has the dreaded ski-jump at the end of the neck, it's not too bad but it's there
I currently have it set for medium string relief and it sounds fine up to the 12th fret but notes start choking out above that.
-There are also some chips and peeling in the body finish, this is very typical with the Swirl finishes, unfortunately.
On this bass it's in better condition than most I've seen.
The weight is 9.0 lbs and it comes in the factory black molded case that has a couple of broken feet, also very typical.
Price is $650 shipped
Last is a nice Heartfield DR-4 built in 1991. I've always wondered what these were like so I grabbed it early this year here on TB: SOLD - Heartfield (by Fender) DR4, black-pearl burst, excellent
The condition is the same as when I got it, there are a few minor dings and such but it's in excellent overall condition. Comes in a clean used black tolex hardcase. Weight is 8.0 lbs. The fingerboard is rosewood so I can't ship the bass outside the USA.
Price is $450 shipped

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