'76 Sho~Bud LDG 3x4 Restored

almost 2 years ago
'76 Sho~Bud LDG 3x4 Restored
Lynn Stafford
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Steel Guitar Forum
Oregon City, Oregon, USA

I'm selling the beautiful Sho~Bud LDG for my good friend, bandmate and SG Forumite Ralph Thompson. He is facing some very serious and challenging health issues and asked me to do this to raise money for medical expenses.
I restored this steel for Ralph a couple of years ago but it hasn't been played much ever since. I doubt if he's even taken it out to a gig. He has primarily been a lead guitar player and vocalist for our band, until he became ill several months ago.
During the restoration, we decided to leave the original finish intact, since it still looked very nice. The guitar was completely disassembled, parts cleaned, brightwork professionally polished and then reassembled. I replaced the fret board with a new one from Tom Bradshaw. Someone earlier must have narrowed the original wide pedals.
Emmons setup with the E's on the left knee. Original case is sound and in good condition.
$2600.00 plus FedEx ground shipping.
I can accept PayPal (add 3%), cashiers check, or personal check if you're not in a hurry.
I'm not charging Ralph anything for doing this, so the entire net proceeds will all go to him._________________Best regards,
Lynn Stafford
Steel Guitar Technician (Set-up, Service and Repair)
Emmons Authorized Dealer (New Guitar and Parts Sales)
ZumSteel Authorized Service Technician