Rare 1972 12 string Sho-Bud single neck steel guitar

about 1 year ago
Donald Paden
Available on
Steel Guitar Forum
Colorado, USA

Up for sale is this rare 1972 12 string Sho-Bud single neck steel guitar.
Set up with the Ext E9 copedant, it has the 2 raise 1 lower changer that many think is the best sounding changer of Sho-Buds production.
At some point in the guitars history it had been hand painted and then badly stripped and sanded doing major harm to the details of the original maple body.
A master cabinet maker using the original body as a pattern remade the wooden body with Lacewood, replacing the decal and inlay work resulting in the current appearance of the guitar.
The guitar is set up with 4 knee levers and 3 floor pedals.
The knees are high quality teardrop reproductions made by the late John Coop and the extra parts in the rod system that were needed for Ext. E9 were also made by Mr. Coop.
The pickup is a Wallace Truetone.
This guitar plays easy, has great tone, and few of them were made.
The original body with its factory assembly and inspection sticker initialed by Paul Franklin Sr. is still available to the new owner.
Don Paden (Colorado)
(970) 286-8315
(Previously owned by steel player and long time Steel Guitar Forum member, Howard Palmer, now of the Wild Road band.)