Sho-Bud LDG 1981 $2600

over 1 year ago
Fred Rogan
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Steel Guitar Forum
Birmingham, AL USA

I am the second owner of this LDG. When I bought it, it had not been played for some time so I took it up to Jeff Surratt and he cleaned and lubed, worked on the tuners (still stiff but better) and he changed the RKL lever so that strings 1 > G#, 2 > E and 6 > F#. It is an Emmons set-up with pretty standard copedent (Es lower with LKR). With the exception of what Jeff did for me on the RKL, everything is original. It plays 100% better after Jeff did what he did.
It is a deep rich green with a few bar dinks on the top but otherwise a pristine example of an LDG. The pad looks like new. The case is in very good to excellent condition with a nice leg bag.
The price also includes a D2F cover for the case and also for the guitar (now worth even more - nobody made case covers like D2F).
Prefer local pick-up or a short trip. If shipping is involved, we'll need to discuss. Serious inquiries call me at two-oh-five-531-5639.
thanks for looking.
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