Sho-Bud Pro 1 3x4 $1400 +shipping

11 months ago
Sho-Bud Pro 1 3x4 $1400 +shipping
Jesse Varichak
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The good, the bad, and the ugly...
The Good:
S-10 Sho-bud built in the early 80s. Day pedal setup. 2 raise 1 lower. Everything works and it is has a really nice tobacco brown finish.
The Bad:
I never used the RKL, and I don't believe it is setup in a way that would be very useful.
The C pedal is a little stiff and could probably use some realigning to get a smoother action.
The 8 string F raise goes out of tune easily, which I believe is due to the pull rod being barely long enough to reach the crank. So I think the nylon tuner doesn't have enough thread to stay put. A simple ordering of a new rod would most likely solve this(8 nylon tuning nuts will be included with the guitar).
The changer springs could definitely use a replacing, but they work.
The Ugly:
There are all kinds of little dings and nicks on the body and metal of this guitar. The worst though, which can be seen in the pictures, is imprints on either side of the fretboard where incense were set on the guitar resulting in an unsightly, yet chemically fascinating fusion of the two materials. With that said, no one has ever noticed it and the front of the guitar remains the least scarred, and it continues to get admired by others as a beautiful guitar.
This guitar has definitely seen better days, but it still runs strong. I would certainly recommend it to someone who is comfortable under the hood in order to change the setup the way you like. I'd also be happy to send it to you via first sending it to someone who could give it a good tuneup. I have sent it to Ricky Davis in the past to add the feel stop on the RKR as well as the angled LKL. And he did a wonderful job.
Let me know if you have any questions and/or would like any more detailed pictures. I can accept Paypal, which would require an additional 2.9% seller fee. But I am also happy to accept a money order. Thank you.

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