Split Cases for Sho-Bud LDG - Maybe Other Big Bodies Buds

over 2 years ago
Split Cases for Sho-Bud LDG - Maybe Other Big Bodies Buds
Jim Cooley
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Steel Guitar Forum
The 'Ville, Texas, USA

Kevin Hatton made these for my 1972 round front LDG. There's probably a good chance they'll fit a Pro II or other double neck size Sho-Buds. I used them a few times, but no longer need them. They're not in perfect as-new condition, but still very nice.
The guitar case has a spring handle on one end and wheels on the other. The guitar dimensions (where the steel fits) are 33 3/4" long X 12 1/2" wide. Full depth (body, neck, changer, and keyhead) is 5 3/8". Recess depth for the body alone is 3". The steel case weighs approximately 18 pounds.
I paid $339.95. I'll sell them for $285. I will take them to the Dallas show later this week, to save packing and shipping hassles. Who knows? I might even knock off a few bucks in Dallas. If I don't sell them there, I'll ship anywhere in the CONUS. Cash sale in Dallas; PayPal preferred if I don't sell them there, but I will take a USPS money order for the price plus actual shipping costs if I have to ship them.