what are they worth???

10 months ago
Mark Perrodin
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Steel Guitar Forum
Arizona, USA

i visited my uncle harvey today and he told me he hasn't touched his pedal steel guitars in quite a while and would like to sell them. what are they worth? he is open to offers and anything sold through this forum will get a donation forwarded to the forum. the three guitars are a sho-bud maverick, a rus-ler and a sho-bud the professional. the professional has a crack in the cabinet near the bridge. it appears stock with 8 pedals and 2 knee levers. the maple is very pretty and the pedal train is rack and barrel. have a look at the pics and let me know what you think. the next guitar is a rus-ler with 3 pedals and 1 knee lever. it has a crinkle paint finish and really cool graphics on the finger board. this guitar exhibits excellent build quality and is just a really cool piece. please look at the pics to get an idea of it's condition. i think it looks great in person. the last pedal guitar he has is a sho-bud maverick. it is a 3 pedal, 1 knee lever guitar and appears to be in excellent condition. all three guitars need to be cleaned and restrung. my uncle also has dozens of lap steels that he will eventually go through and sell. please look at the pics and let me know what you think. offers are welcome and a donation to the steel guitar forum will be made if anything sells. these
might be re-posted separately if a value can be established. thank you for looking. buyer pays shipping which will be calculated based on buyers location.