2007 Carter D-10, 8x7. $2300 shipped/$2200 to pick up

over 1 year ago
2007 Carter D-10, 8x7. $2300 shipped/$2200 to pick up
scott murray
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Asheville, NC

this gorgeous looking & sounding guitar is still available, now with a lower price tag. I've found a Universal I want to try instead, but I need to sell this first! this Carter is very clean and in fabulous shape, I would absolutely keep it if I could. fine tuned by Al Brisco and cared for by friend and forumite Quentin Hickey, I've had her for less than two months.
8 pedals and 7 knee levers, serial #0127728520. pickups are Bill Lawrence XR16s on both necks. current copedent listed below and Carters are one of the easiest guitars to reconfigure, with parts available from many vendors. case is like new, and owner's manual and DVD are included.
I'm asking $2300 shipped or $2200 if you want to pick it up. I'm also happy to drive and meet somewhere within reason. I'd rather not do a trade at this point but feel free to make an offer.
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