Goldtone Mini CC banjo LN $275 shipped

almost 3 years ago
Goldtone Mini CC banjo  LN  $275 shipped
Larry Lenhart
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Steel Guitar Forum
Ponca City, Oklahoma

I bought this banjo new about 3 months thinking that I would get back into playing again, but my fever for the steel guitar doesnt allow me time to play banjo any more.
I bought this banjo new and took it to a great guitar tech in Tempe, Az, who also knows banjos and he set it up so that it plays and sounds really good.
It is a travel or childs banjo as advertised on the gold tone web site, but it is not a toy.
It really sounds good for what it is.
I will accept pay pal if you add 3 percent.
This is really a good price on a virtually new has less than 2 hours playing time on it.
Thanks for looking.
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