Vibrato Tailpiece/Kit for Tele

over 1 year ago
Jerry Overstreet
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Steel Guitar Forum
Louisville Ky

Kit to install vibrato on T style guitars with single coil tele p/up. I believe the kit is by WD except for the tailpiece which is an import.
The bridge plate is lexan or plexi which I don't think they make anymore, most of them are chromed metal.
The actual "B" vibrato is an asian import die cast metal that is chrome plated and is patterned after the B50 model Bigsby.
The vibrato is brand new, never installed. The rest of the parts are used and came off a Squier I used to own.
Requires drilling the body for the 2 posts for the Jag style bridge, and the attaching screws. So assume permanent installation. These won't work on a vibramate tele mounting....only a B5 fits on them.
Professional installation suggested unless you're familiar with the procedure.
$100 for the kit shipped in conus.
Shot of the kit installed, but with the real Bigsby B50 for reference, which is not included, rather comes with the import unit that is pictured above.