Blue, ProCo, Rapco, Audix, Radiance Cables

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Blue, ProCo, Rapco, Audix, Radiance Cables
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George Redmon
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Still clearing out my studio. Slowly but surely. Top shelf cables here. All are for all intent and purposes Brand New. Time is right now for you to upgrade.
ProCo Excalibur Music Mover Guitar Cable with Silent Plug 18Foot Long. This is my favorite guitar cable. You can literally stand on the plugs. The last cable you'll need to buy for guitar, keyboards, mandolin, steel you name it. Crying already on this one.
Blue Quad Microphone Cables.
I have the set...all 3 of their cables. These have never been out of my home studio. The Blueberry, Kiwi, Cranberry.
$25.00 Each, or ALL THREE for $65.00 SHIPPED LOWER 48
Audix Quad Microphone Cables. One 20 Foot & One 25 Foot. The 25 FT. has a right angle plug. These have Genuine Neutrik connectors. A study bandstand microphone or line out to the board cable. These are nice. Bought these to use on the bandstand with my handhelds. These have amazing clarity and definition at all frequencies.
$25.00 Each or Both for $45.00 SHIPPED LOWER 48
Rapco Horizon 18FT Quad Bandstand Microphone Cable, or Line Out Patch Cable in original packaging. These cables are on a lot of the big guys bandstands. Just a sturdy, well built, road worthy, nice sounding quad cable with clarity up the wad. Beautiful Red color with no handling noise. With Genuine Neutrik connectors. Again, upper Shelf cable. This one will outlast you.
Radiance Quad Bandstand or Studio Microphone, or Line Out Patch Cable. In a Beautiful Red Color, new mint like brand new condition. 25 Foot. With Genuine Neutrik connectors. This cable is almost identical to the Rapco Horizon Quad. Very similar conductors and shield. $24.00 SHIPPED LOWER 48
Radiance Quad Bandstand or Studio Microphone, or Line Out Patch Cable. With Genuine Neutrik connectors. In a Beautiful Purple color. This is identical to the Red one except it's 15 Feet Long.
Someone purchase 5 or more cables, this one is

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