For Sale Parts; 5 string neck, Audere Z pre, Norstrand J, tuners, bridge, more

over 1 year ago
Stagg Music
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These are the results of parting out a bass that the body gave up on. All the stuff is in good condition, except the neck which definitely has cosmetic flaws but is 100% functional. This was a self-assembled gigging bass that played and sounded awesome, but I also didn't worry about it falling down stairs or being covered in foreign substances. Pretty much everything is listed at half price of new, except the neck, which I'm further discounting for the blems. There's also a few random things I had lying around which are not from the bass I speak of. All prices are NOT shipped, we'll figure that out after in the event somebody wants multiple parts, and of course if you're even in the US or some other planet. PayPal is of course the easiest;
Warmoth Standard Deluxe 5 4+1 neck: $100
- 6130 frets
- White Corian nut
- 1 7/8" (48mm) spacing
- Light poly finish
- Dual string trees
- Including the rear plate and screws that I know fit
- There's removable shim on the back
- As mentioned the finish on the fretboard isn't all that great, but it's 100% playable
- The symbol on the headstock is a water slide and can come off with some elbow grease
WD Music Productions Jazz pick guard: $15
- 4 ply laminated tortoise
- Comes with whatever screws I still have
Hipshot Ultralight chrome clover key tuners: $11 ea
- 4 x bass side
- 1 x treble side
Nordstrand 5 string NJ5S neck jazz pickup: $60
Hipshot 5 string A style .750 chrome bridge: $54
Audere JZ3 VB 3B preamp: $80
- This is the 3 band, NOT the 4 band
Hipshot chrome thumb rest: $8
- Comes with original screws
Unknown 5 string bridge: $20
- The spacing is fixed around 16.5mm center-to-center
- All the allen pieces appear to function fine
4 string Jazz EMG Select pickups: $20
- 1 x SEJ, 1 x SEPJ
- My recollection is these came off a bass I bought in a pawn shop around 1990, and they looked used I'm guessing 80s
More pics to follow momentarily