Jerry Byrd Instruction Course for Steel Guitar

over 2 years ago
Jerry Byrd Instruction Course for Steel Guitar
Stagg Music
Andy Volk
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Steel Guitar Forum
Boston, MA

This is the late 1980s version of JB's classic non-pedal instruction book. It comes in a large 3-ring heavy cover with a plastic holder for the cassette tapes. The first few pages show a lot of use and wear. The later pages are in used but good condition. Note: I have not played the cassettes in years as I don't have a cassette player so can't vouch for their condition. Scotty's sells the identical material on CDs.
Scotty's Music in St. Louis still carries the book new at $95 + shipping.
Info about the book here:
My price for this used edition is $55 + 8.50 shipping. This is a $40 savings off buying it new. Paypal to aevolk(at sign)
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