JHS packrat mod Rat2 and DigiTech EX-7 expression factory

about 1 year ago
Stagg Music
Chris Marinelli
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Steel Guitar Forum
Pittsburgh, PA, USA

DigiTech ex-7:
I recently purchased this new old stock from Motor City Music in Detroit, MI. Mint condition and 100% fully functional. I just don't have the room on my board and need the cash to fund an amp purchase. The rotary speaker and synth swell settings are particularly excellent. Asking $110 shipped as it's essentially brand new.
JHS Packrat Mod Proco RAT2:
The JHS stickers have long peeled off of this, but it is a genuine JHS modded pack rat Rat 2.
I sent it to JHS myself and can provide documentation if necessary. I tried to take a decent pic of the circuit board where you can see the various clipping diodes soldered in at the switch.
There is one small ding on the front of the pedal and the feet and battery crew were removed to facilitate mounting it to a pedalboard. I will include the feet and battery screw as part of the sale. Also included is the 9v adaptor to allow the use of a standard center negative 9v power cable. Check out their site for details on all the modifications, but it makes these pedals far more useable and versitile. $110 shipped as well.
I will also sell both for $200 total.
Thanks for looking!