2012 EB Music Man StingRay5 Bass( Graphite Neck)

almost 2 years ago
Orlando Colom
Available on
Steel Guitar Forum
Florida, USA

Here is an incredible playing and sounding. StingRay Bass. The bass is in excellent condition, with very light wear for its age. The neck makes this bass ring with authority and clarity. Notes are full and the attack is fast.
These necks are as good as you will find, and only make a very good bass incredible. The frets are perfect as the neck is like new. As the pics show, the bass is white , with gold hardware. Great eye, and ear candy. It has the original case, though the case does have some wear, but all hinges wor, and it has no issues.
The original neck will be included in the sale, though the truss rod adjustment is broken.
A luthier can cut a slot I. The end, and make it work again. I just ordered the graphite neck.
Steel this for$1595.00 Shipped.

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