1994 Taylor 812c

over 6 years ago
1994 Taylor 812c
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This is a older model ('94, I think) Taylor 812c.  I would say that it is close to being in excellent condition with just a small, barely visible blemish here and there. It is from before they started coming standard with electronics, but it has been professionally fitted with a Fishman in the sound hole.  It also comes with the OHSC, which i believe is what you Taylor fans call a "pink poodle".  The case has some scuffs and scrapes, but it is in good condition overall.   I picked this guitar up in a trade a few years ago, but I'm not a big acoustic player, and it pretty much stays in the case. I want to sell it and get something that I will use more.  It's a great sounding and playing acoustic, but it's more than I need. Any imperfections / damage you see in the pics is glare... this thing is pretty close to perfect. Looking to get $1,800 plus shipping.Hit me up with any questions. marcialmendez AT hotmail dot com